Dan’s PLANS Scams

It’s all over now. There’s nothing left to do with PLANS’ seven year long lawsuit except give it a proper burial.
But PLANS has signalled their intention to take the smoldering remains of this case Uptown, to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. As if they haven’t suffered enough indignity~~
Nearly a decade spent gathering evidence for this case, and yet still somehow PLANS failed to show up with a single piece of qualifying evidence during the trial. You’d think this cold splash of reality would give even the band of loyal merrymen at the Waldorf Critics List at least a moment or two of sober reflection. If so, there are no signs of it so far.
Dan Dugan, ably assisted by co-founder Debra Snell, spent the last several days peddling a PR cover story. It wasn’t a rout, he assured his absurdly gullible followers. No, Dan declared, PLANS actually staged a walk-out. In protest, he suggested, over the judge’s “unfairness” in an earlier ruling to disallow some of the PLANS witnesses. If PLANS couldn’t use those witnesses, it seemed, then by God, PLANS would just dig in their heels and take a principled stand against calling any other witnesses either. So there. Humph!
Dan reassures everyone, PLANS “has plenty of witnesses“. But they simply “opted” not to call any of them. “We quit..”
I must admit, this was a stunningly bold legal tactic, by any measure. It’s time for the opening move of the trial, and the Plaintiff passes? Of course, this daring tactic makes it absolutely assured that the Plaintiff will lose their own case, but hey—it does have one indisputable advantage. It’s probably the only tactic used in over two hundred years of American jurisprudence that has never once triggered a defense attorney’s objection.