PLANS – accurate? Responses and comments thereon (cont further)

Walden wrote:

And this is it? This is the propaganda???

in reference to my first blog on this topic. I’ve been observing Walden’s style on the WC and he has this tendency to put words into people’s “mouths.”
Cheer up Walden. I’ve only just begun. I’m rather impressed with the number of distortions that have turned up from the analysis of one short paragraph from PLANS. Doesn’t look as though the site is actually the result of careful thought and research, does it?
Most of what Walden points out has already been covered in my exchanges with Dan (see the earlier blogs on this site).
He does write:

Better still, there is a very informative book on the esoteric background of Waldorf Education – “oddly” enough, the book has those words right there in the title. I doubt the author is attempting to smear the movement. See: “Esoteric background of Waldorf Education – The Cosmic Christ Impulse” by R. Querido

Ah, Walden, please note the word “background” in the title. Nobody I’ve come across in these discussions has been trying to pretend that waldorf education has no connection to anthroposophy and anthroposophy is full of esoteric material. The argument is whether children are indoctrinated with esoteric material as part of their education at waldorf schools. The paragraph I originally quoted (here it is again)

Parents should be told that although Waldorf bills itself as “arts-based” education to attract holistically minded parents, creativity is actually discouraged, and many of the “artistic” activities in Waldorf are more accurately described as religious rituals, such as meditation on symbols important in Anthroposophy. Children spend a lot of time copying the teacher’s work directly off the board. Fourth graders embroidering a purse
must all use the same pattern (often with esoteric symbols).

tries to describe waldorf education as using religious rituals, meditation on symbols, embroidering symbols, suppressing creativity…but so far neither you nor Dan nor the PLANS site has actually done a reasonable job of backing up any of these smears.
Further, Daniel Hindes has demonstrated over and over and over again that various materials on the PLANS site include fake quotes, falsified quotes, purposeful mistranslations, distortions and other outrages against scholarship and truthfulness. Your response? To pretend that none of this material exists.
Serena was right when she talked about heads being buried in the sand.

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