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May 9, 2006

"The Bet" Chapter II

It’s been over six months ago now that Deborah made this very simple

This example of something that Steiner supposedly
"said" has been up on the PLANS web-site for years. It
is the first paragraph of an article by Peter
Staudenmaier entitled: Anthroposophy and Ecofascism.

In June, 1910, Rudolf Steiner, the founder of
anthroposophy, began a speaking tour of Norway with a
lecture to a large and attentive audience in Oslo. The
lecture series was titled "The Mission of National
Souls in Relation to Nordic-Germanic Mythology." In
the Oslo lectures Steiner presented his theory of
"national souls" (Volksseelen in German, Steiner's
native tongue) and paid particular attention to the
mysterious wonders of the "Nordic spirit." The
"national souls" of Northern and Central Europe
belonged, Steiner explained, to the "germanic-nordic"
peoples, the world's most spiritually advanced ethnic
group, which was in turn the vanguard of the highest
of five historical "root races." This superior fifth
root race, Steiner told his Oslo audience, was
naturally the "Aryan" race. [1]

I would like to challenge the Waldorf Critics to
verify this quote by providing:

1)The full quote.
2)The date and title of the lecture in question.
3)The GA number of the volume wherein it was

I will personally donate $50 to PLANS for their court
case if anyone can verify this quote.
A few ground rules - the lecture proffered must have
been given in Norway. The quote needs to be translated
into English, but it would be best if it could also be
provided in German. If the quote provided includes
ellipses, the amount of skipped text must be
identified in brackets. I have ten days after a quote
is offered to research the quote and confirm that it
is indeed an accurate reflection of Steiner's spoken
words. The sample quotes need to be offered as
comments on this blog. Any irrelevant quotes (attempts
to prove that Steiner was indeed a racist by quoting
other stuff, not connected with the example above)
will result in $5 being subtracted from the proposed
donation each time such a quote is put forward. And,
to be even meaner, I will only publish the citation
for such quotes, not the quote themselves.
I'm waiting...I have a feeling I'll be waiting a very,
very long time.

And indeed Deborah was right. It has been a long

I offered to match her challenge, and having seen no
entry made here to meet it, I was about to urge Deborah to
to declare victory and celebrate by sharing a few episodes of
a similar defeat dealt Peter Staudenmaier by Sune Nordwall.

I was perturbed to find Diana Winters today accusing
Deborah of ducking it, pronouncing that we’d lost
the bet at the Waldorf Critics List. Upon investigating there
I found Peter Staudenmaier had made the same assertion
against me there—accusing me of ducking the bet as well.

Peter Staudenmaier’s quite a thinker, or so he would like us to
believe, and he certainly should be in comparison to the simple
minded ‘grandmotherly librarian’ and ‘anthropology
student’ who came together to put forward this
challenge. How is it that a man that pure smart
couldn’t for the life of him figure out just how in
the heck to actually conform to the rules of this
contest and submit his entry into this blog?

He didn’t deliver his entry to the contest. Apparently
we were expected to go out LOOKING for it. Hmm.
Where to look? Did he enter it on the WC list. Wrong.
Not that I could find after wasting considerable time
looking. Apparently, we’re not only expected to go out
looking for it. We’re expected to look under every rock
and behind every tree to find it.

And lo……………eventually, I have. Peter didn’t post it here.
He didn’t post it there. It was more like a relay.
Peter handed it off to Dan. And Dan posted it to the
WC list. But it never posted here. Come to find out
from Deborah just now, a communication from Dan Dugan
was submitted, but it was half e-jibberish, probably
on account of it having been forwarded and reforwarded
several times before it was actually submitted to the
blog. She returned it requesting that it be cleaned
up first so that a body could actually read it, and
never heard another word from either of them. It
would appear somebody on that relay team plumb dropped
the baton.

The treasure hunt itself has been tedious enough, but
now that I have found it, I discover I have to
continue digging because if there’s really a direct
answer in there somewhere, it sure is bundled up in a
lot of excess padding.

So Peter—if you’re out there listening, are these
posts I found at the WC, sent by Dan, but forwarded to
him from you—are they really what you want to enter
into this contest? Because if you say ‘yes’, I have
to ask---‘why’? Why do you need to submit a twenty
page long, 7000 word explanation to validate this One
Single Paragraph of your article??????????????? This
explanation is just about as long as your entire
article itself. It’s longer than every one of
Steiner’s Christiana lectures, save the last one. And
it sure doesn’t seem to me something so simple could
possibly need so many words to say.

But if this is what you really want to submit, go
ahead. See that section below where it says
“Comments”? That’s where your entry needs to go.
Just as it says in the original directions Deborah
outlined when she offered this challenge.

Posted by Linda at May 9, 2006 2:57 PM